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Bubble Shooter Space – version 1.20.8

I fixed a tiny code issue in Bubble Shooter Space android game. The new version was released to Google Play today as version 1.20.8. This small mistake somehow slipped in the previous version (v1.20.7) but it doesn’t affect in any visible way the game.

Get it on Google Play!

I advise to update the game to the latest version ASAP.

Thank you and enjoy the game!


Bubble Shooter Space – version 1.20.7

1615 Media Design has updated the Bubble Shooter Space android game to version 1.20.7. This is a major update needed to fix some issues and add more functionality.

Get it on Google Play!

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What’s new:
✔ Updated the AdMob SDK to Google Plus Services SDK. This step was necessary because AdMob SDK become obsolete on August 1st, 2014.
✔ Added 66 breathtaking random backgrounds. Every time when you start the game or rotate the screen, the background will randomly change.
✔ Added a Google Plus button on the main menu screen. Please share the game.
✔ “More Stuff” button one the main menu screen. From here you can share the game with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, etc. You can also vote the game, or open the game’s Facebook page, or even search for more 1615 Media Design games and apps.
✔ Fixed some graphic and code issue. All GIF images were replaced with PNG ones.

CAUTION!!! Bubbles Shooter Space FREE game can be addictive! Please play responsibly!

Enjoy it! Share it! Play it again! Good luck & Have fun!